North West Dressed Up Like a Mini JoJo Siwa for Her Idol’s 16th Birthday Party

JoJo Siwa just had the biggest Sweet 16 party that will put all those rich MTV kids to shame. Dance Moms icon Abby Lee Miller was there, YouTuber Manny Gutierrez was there, and so were Penelope Disick and North West, aka JoJo’s biggest fan.

For the party, which was hosted by the MVPs at Nickelodeon, North and Penelope got to walk the pink carpet alongside their best friends, and they all got to pose with JoJo. Now, since this is a JoJo party, a simple one-, two-, or three-tone outfit simply wouldn’t do.

Per usual, JoJo had one of her bows perched on the top of her ponytail—she chose electric blue today—and paired it with a puff-sleeve sequined and fringed getup. Penelope wore a rainbow-sequined tracksuit with matching rainbow combat boots, and North basically looked like her twin. The 5-year-old fan wore a colorful bow on top of her hair, a glittery green shirt, hot pink bike shorts, a rainbow fanny pack, and metallic rainbow combat boots.

North, as you may very well know, is a HUGE JoJo fan. Last week, the two released their first YouTube collab, which involved JoJo babysitting North, them spilling glitter and slime all over the place, and North climbing on top of JoJo’s BMW that Justin Bieber really, really hates.

Apparently, the party involved a marching band and a bunch of cotton candy, but if you just have to know more about what all went down, on May 18, Nickelodeon will air JoJo’s Dream Birthday, which is an entire special dedicated to the shindig.

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