Chris Harrison Is Not Here for Kelly Ripa's Criticism of 'The Bachelorette'

Welp, that escalated quickly. ICYMI, Kelly Ripa weighed in on The Bachelorette franchise during Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday morning, noting that the show “disgusts” her — undeterred by the fact that she shares a network with the reality dating series. Mere hours later, two of Bachelor Nation’s most prominent figures went in on Ripa for her negative comments. Who knows? By the time the dust settles on the blowback, this might actually be the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette yet… behind the scenes, at least.

Here’s what has transpired so far. During Tuesday’s episode of Live, co-host Ryan Seacrest announced to the audience that current bachelorette Hannah Brown would be paying Live a visit this week. This prompted Ripa to say, “You guys know how I feel about the show; it disgusts me.” She went on to describe how particularly problematic she found The Bachelor. “I couldn’t stand the idea of 25 exceptional women fighting over one ordinary fella, in my opinion. We are too special to be arguing over a guy,” she pointed out, calling it a “gross, gross show.” Clearly, her feelings about The Bachelorette aren’t far off, considering she dubbed it “all creepy” when watching clips from Monday’s season premiere.

And so, yeah, shots fired. First to fire back was Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, who essentially threw Ripa to the wolves — aka the franchise’s passionate fan base. “Look out #BachelorNation @KellyRipa is coming after you and your ‘disgusting’ Monday night habit,” he tweeted on Tuesday, sharing Us Weekly’s article about Ripa’s original comments.

But Harrison wasn’t the only one Ripa riled up with her critique. Bachelor Nation creator Mike Fleiss also took to Twitter to deliver a pointed barb. “Easy, @KellyRipa… #TheBachelor franchise pays your salary!” he wrote on Tuesday. Yowch. Granted, the whole question of where Ripa’s salary comes from probably isn’t that cut-and-dry, but still — because Live is largely syndicated on ABC and all ABC owned-and-operated stations, Fleiss’ logic could have at least a modicum of merit.

Of course, this drama likely isn’t over yet. As of right now, Ripa hasn’t responded to the reaction from Harrison or Fleiss. Not to mention, she will be sitting down with Brown to discuss all things Bachelorette this week (“I can’t wait to talk her out of it!” Ripa joked on Tuesday’s show.) And it remains to be seen whether ABC will issue a statement on the matter or, more to the point, make Ripa issue one.

Stay tuned, fam. This could get more cutthroat than a rose ceremony.

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