A woman called the police to report a dead dog she’d found – only to learn it was a discarded wig left on the pavement

The bizarre mistake took place in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and was highlighted on Providence Animal Control Center's Facebook page.

They revealed how Kristen Polletta was driving through Providence when she spotted the furry black 'dog' on the road.

She contacted them via their page, writing: "Hi there, would you mind calling this into the police department?""

They investigated – and revealed it was a black wig.

However, Kristen took it in good grace, writing: "OMG! I am so sorry!!!! I mean, I'm laughing. But I'm sorry you guys went out there."

Happily the animal rescuers confessed they had a giggle too. "We're happy it wasn't a dog," they added."

Kristen subsequently wrote of her mistake on Facebook.

"I saw a little black Yorkie or schnauzer in the road and [it] clearly had been dead for a while," she said. "I was late for my meeting and wanted to stop so bad.

"He or she had a purple or pink collar. I just wanted to tell it's family."

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