‘Attention-seeking' wedding guest slammed for wearing white lace gown to her friend's big day

AFTER snogging the best man or recounting her most embarrassing school stories, the one thing you definitely can't do at a best mate's wedding is rocking up wearing white.

But despite this being the ultimate fashion cardinal sin, one nightmare wedding guest has revealed that she's planning on wearing a white lace gown to her pal's upcoming nuptials – and she couldn't look more bridal if she tried.

Like every great fashion dilemma, the wedding guest in question turned to social media to ask for some advise on how to style the dress for the special occasion.

She wrote: "Ladies, can I get some hair and makeup suggestions for this dress? I'm attending a destination wedding next week."

But considering the gown she's chosen looks suspiciously like a wedding dress, it'll come as no surprise that her post was then shared on the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming.

Unable to hide their horror, the user who shared the post wrote: "SHE'S A GUEST, NOT THE BRIDE."

Unsurprisingly, other shocked users were quick to accuse the guest of being "attention seeking" and "disrespectful" for her controversial outfit choice.

One user replied: "HELL NO. If she attends a wedding in that, she better expect to be immediately escorted out."

Another added: "It looks like a wedding dress – that is so wrong to wear to someone else's wedding."

Meanwhile, a third simply wrote: "This is a f****** wedding dress."

Urging the woman to "let the bride have her spotlight", another user said: "I think the dress looks good on her but it is not wedding appropriate.

"I think that is too much cleavage for someone else's wedding."

What's more, other horrified users have said the bride is within her rights to stand her ground and ask the guest to leave.

Another wrote: "Absolutely no excuse to wear this to someone's wedding. If someone showed up to my wedding in this I would've asked my sister to kick them out.

"Bride should be the only one in floor length white."

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