Essex singleton finds used condom wrappers, sex sheets and bags of HAIR as she snoops around blokes’ bedrooms in search of a potential date

A NEW dating show sees single women pick a blind date by snooping through boy’s bedrooms and their belongings.

Ayo, 18, is the first person to appear on the BBC programme, Hot Property, hosted by music artist Yung Filly.

Essex beauty Ayo, who’s been single for 11 months, is tasked with picking a blind date based solely on the belongings and friend of four potential suitors.

And she hasn't come unprepared, as she tells the cameras she's ready to judge the boys on the ‘triple threat’, which is "trainers, trim and teeth".

Ayo is a self-confessed party girl, but says “she can be tamed” as "couples which rave together stay together", and is keen to use the show to find her Mr Right.

But first she has to whittle down four boys to just one, and is first shown photos of key items to help her get an idea of what she's in for.

Within one second of looking at ‘Mr Slither's’ item, a snake, she's ready to make a pass, and instead keeps ‘Mr Motivational’, ‘Mr Decks’ and ‘Mr Throwing My Money Away’.

She and Yung Filly head off to the first room – belonging to Mr Decks, also known as 19-year-old Brian, a forklift driver.

Initially attracted to his music set-up and DJ decks, she’s put off by his dog-printed bed spread – and worse, what’s hiding underneath.

As they pull back the covers, Filly describes the bed's look and smell as “pure sex”, as the pair find food, tobacco shavings and dirt in between the covers.

Ayo retorts at the sight, saying: “Oh my god, mate wash your bed sheets. I wasn’t expecting this.”

Worse is yet to come as Filly spots a pair of women’s heels in the corner, and Ayo finds a pair of earrings – something they agree that points to the young lad keeping ‘trophies’ of previous women.

But as if she hadn't already made up her mind, Brian’s fate is sealed after Ayo finds a used condom wrapper in his cupboard.

Filly looks into the camera to tell Brian: “Please, for a minute, can you just have some manners and respect.”

Agreeing he needs to “sort it out”, Brian is the first one to get the chop, with Filly advising him to “clean his room” if he's looking for better success with dating.

And just when Ayo thought the only way is up, as they enter the room of Mr Throw Your Money Away, aka 23-year-old Luke, a precision engineer, she recoils at the sight of a bag of human hair.

Totally turned off, they move swiftly on to Mr Motivational’s room, revealed as 18-year-old entrepreneur Marcus, who has never had a girlfriend.

In a turn of hilarious events, Ayo takes off her blindfold and is met with a sea of pink, Spice Girls posters and dolls houses, as Filly reveals Marcus shares a room with this little sister.

But Ayo takes it in her stride, saying: “At first, if we just started being together, it would be a bit awks. But then as soon as I made friends with his sister it would be alright.”

As she chats to the mates of Mr Motivational and Mr Throw My Money Away, she’s relieved to find out the bag of hair in Luke's room is just his baby locks.

And she dives straight in with the questions, asking the mates what the lads' favourite “sexual moves” and “sexual positions are” before picking one to date.

After much deliberation, she chooses Mr Motivational, even after his overly-honest friend told her she’s not his type as he prefers “blondes with blue eyes”.

Settling down for her date with Luke, things could not get more cringe-worthy as he makes her a Tupperware of chicken, saying: “I thought you’ll just eat what I eat, do what I do.”

And instead of offering her a drink of choice, he makes her a protein shake which doesn’t go down well, with Ayo.

She jokes: “I only drink milk if it’s been in chocolate cereal, not even cornflakes.”

After chatting about their favourite animals and trying to out-do each other doing push-ups, Luke and Ayo both say they’d like to see each other again, despite the odds.

And while they text non stop for three days, it ends in tragedy, as Luke ‘read and aired’ – ghosted – Ayo, who admits she has now started trying to track down Brian, aka Mr Decks, on Instagram.

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