Fitness fanatic wears her gym kit for a short dash to the supermarket and gets told to ‘cover up’ – The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic who made a quick stop at the supermarket was left 'humiliated' by a security guard after a customer complained her outfit was too 'bare'.

Sports coach Amandine Gaudine, from Etampes, France, was told to leave the Carrefour store because of her outfit – and was warned 'not to come back' until she changed.

In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, Amadine explained that she was quietly shopping on her way home from work when she was confronted.

She wrote: "I was doing my shopping quietly at Carrefour Etampes when the security manager came to see me to tell me not to come back dressed like I was.

"It was too bare for their taste – they said it was indecent. A customer who had seen me in the aisles complained to them."

She explained that she had come straight from work, where she is required to wear sports gear, and was dressed in a sky blue sports bra and leggings set.

Speaking to BFM, she added: "Security came over to see me and tells me that next time I come in to do my shopping in that store that I will have to cover myself more."

After quickly finishing up her shopping and going to the till, Amandine asked an employee to get the manager so she could complain.

But much to her suprise, they agreed that the outfit was 'too bare for their taste' and that she should have worn a T-shirt in order to come inside.

She continued: "I have been shopping there for years and often wore an outfit that is similar without any problems. I'm angry – it's unfair to be criticised on my work outfit.

Security came over to see me and tells me that next time I come in to do my shopping in that store that I will have to cover myself more.

"Does that mean that I'm in indecent dress at work if I go by these criticisms of being too bare?"

Carrefour responded to Amandine's now-viral post by apologising about the 'disproportionate' reaction of the store employees over the fashion issue.

A spokesperson confirmed that there is no 'regulation about what is allowed to be worn in store', and ensured it 'would not happen again'.

But it was the final straw for Amandine, who despite receiving an apology, has vowed to never shop at the store again.

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