Geordie Shore star Faith Mullen has been dubbed Faith Munter, got her first bra aged eight and begs for forgiveness after sex due to staunch Christian beliefs

“Oh, these? They’re agony!” she giggles as she browses the rail of colourful undies on our shoot.

“I had to start wearing a bra at eight they were so huge and boys at secondary school called me a slag. It’s all water off a duck’s back now, though. To be honest, if I’m uncomfortable I just go without my bra.”

Faith’s all-natural (save the tan, lashes and hair extensions) size 16 figure has attracted a lot of attention since she joined Geordie Shore last year.

Fans believe her sexy lingerie selfies help to empower plus-size women, trolls have called her “obese”, “ugly” and cruelly dubbed her “Faith Munter”.

"I've been called fat since I was in nursery,” she says, brushing off the criticism.

"I’ve always been someone who’s bigger; I could never lose weight, even though I eat healthy, so I just thought, I’ve got to learn to love myself.

“There’s so much more going on in the world than just worrying about your outer shell all the time."

Faith, who is a staunch Christian, says her voluptuous frame is a hit with men when she’s out on The Toon.

“I got to about 16 and realised people don’t actually care how big you are; boys are still going to fancy you,” she says.

“I’m actually not that sexual a person; but my size definitely isn’t a disadvantage.”

Out of respect for her “mam”, she’s vowed not to strip off and have sex on TV. Her beliefs are quite out of sorts with a reality show famed for lesbian sex, threesomes and a bloke w*****g alone in the “shag pad”.

"Never say never, but it would upset me mam so much," she admits as she tucks into the cheese sarnie and a packet of crisps.

“It wouldn’t bother me, but that’s the one thing she asked me not to do before I went in.”

Despite this, Faith, who is newly single after splitting with her boyfriend of four years, hasn’t chosen to follow the "no sex before marriage" rule.

"I just ask for forgiveness afterwards, but I’m not someone who goes and sleeps around,” she says.

Faith says being on TV – a dream of hers since she was 14 and her mates nicknamed her Faith G-Shore – “hasn’t affected her body confidence in the slightest”.

She jokes she’s proud to be more of a Victoria Sponge than a Victoria’s Secret model, and is adamant the word “fat” shouldn't have such negative connotations.

"It’s just a descriptive word, so it doesn’t bother us when people say that because, I am fat – in the same way I’ve got black hair and I wear fake tan," she explains.

"I don’t think it should be a bad word. I love that I’m fat."

As she lies down in a pillarbox red two-piece to pose for our pics, she jokes: "It's a good job I'm fat as this floor is f*****g uncomfortable."

Faith says she's at her happiest weight now, having "naturally" lost the stone she put on boozing and bingeing on takeaways while filming over the summer by walking around shopping centres (her only form of exercise) and reverting to her "normal" diet.

"I eat a lot of basic foods like quiche, Greek salad, fruit, beans on toast, pasta, Crunchy Nut cornflakes," she says. "Being a vegetarian I don’t have that wide a diet."

Trolls have accused her of "condoning obesity", but Faith is quick to point out she's a perfectly healthy size.

"I’m the average size for a UK woman, and I'm definitely not obese," she says. "People who say stuff like that are just trying to get a rise out of you, but strangers' opinions mean nothing."

Her cast mates Holly Hagan and Chloe Ferry have had their fair share of abuse over their boob jobs, lip fillers and butt lifts, but going under the knife isn’t something Faith plans to do in the near future.

“I love pretty much everything about my body – I look at myself in the mirror and there’s nothing I’d want to change," she says.

"I actually really love my tummy, I sit and look at it and think, ‘I love that so much,’ I sit and pat it.”

It’s refreshing to hear a celebrity with a non-sample-size figure be so happy about her appearance.


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Faith thinks there’s a high chance her kids will be overweight as it's "in the genes".

"Both my sides of the family are bigger women," she says. "As long as they were healthy and happy, that’s all that would be important."

But starting a family is far from Faith's mind at the moment.

"I'm not ready for anything new," she admits. "Boys are totally at the back of my mind. I’m very much focused on my career, being single and having fun."

Faith shunned Christmas at home this years, spending Boxing Day soaking up the sun in Tenerife, stripping off to a white bikini.

At New Year, she hit the town for a night out in London, braving the cold in a skimpy netted bra.

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