Meghan Markle need to rein in her ‘massively extravagant’ spending as it doesn’t ‘play well’ with Brits, royal correspondent Jennie Bond claims – The Sun

A ROYAL correspondent has warned Meghan Markle that she needs to rein in her 'massively extravagant' spending habits as it 'doesn't play well' with Brits.

Former BBC reporter and Royal expert Jennie Bond, who has covered the most chaotic events in the history of the monarchy, including Prince Charles' divorce with Diana, encouraged the new mum to be less of a 'celebrity'.

The Duchess of Sussex has become well known for her expensive designer clothing choices since marrying Prince Harry in May of last year.

And matters were made worse in the eyes of the British Public when the American born actress spent a whopping £330k on New York based baby shower before welcoming little Archie.

The 67-year-old explained that she feels Meghan has to be 'careful' not to mix too much of her celebrity lifestyle with her new role as Royalty.

Jennie told Yahoo News' The Royal Box: "I am getting the feeling that the public don't like her terrifically spending huge quantities of money.

"Being extravagant, massively extravagant – she can't afford to. She's a wealthy woman but it doesn't play very well, so I think she needs to just watch that."

During Meghan's pregnancy it was well documented how the Royal's maternity wardrobe amounted to more than half a million pounds, with the Duchess often opting for designer numbers.

She totted up more than £100.000 worth of clothes in just three days during her tour of Morocco, with one Dior gown showcased on the trip thought to be worth £90,000 alone.

And just weeks before the birth of son Archie, she and husband Harry took a baby moon at a luxury spa – at the further cost of £33,000.

Jennie added: "I think I'd suggest she tried not to be too celebrity, because that doesn't go down well with the public, and try to ignore the fact she's getting flack from various directions."

Princess Diana was a close pal of journalist Jennie, who she believes Meghan is often 'unfairly' compared to – insisting Meghan is 'much more mature' that she is portrayed to be.

She concluded: "She is much more mature. Much more knowing of her role and the issues she wishes to espouse. Much readier for the role than Diana ever was."

In other Royal news, it was revealed how Harry's mates 'mock him for starting his day with a green juice' like wife Meghan Markle.

While we spotted the awkward moment the sheepish Duchess is sternly told to 'turn around' by Harry while they pose on Buckingham Palace's balcony.

And Meghan Markle and Archie are doing 'baby yoga together', claims a Royal biographer.

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