'Psychic' grandma buys granddaughter a dress on her birthday seven years BEFORE she's born

The grandmother-to-be – from Florida in the US – had wanted to be a grandparent so badly she purchased the dress years before her daughter gave birth.

Marjorie Zarbaugh – the woman's daughter – revealed the creepy coincidence on Facebook, sharing a photo of the receipt her mother had received in 2011.

According to Tampa's ABC Action News, her mum had been shopping at department store Macy's on September 9, 2011 when she spotted the dress.

She was finally able to gift it seven years later, at her daughter's gender reveal party in May 2018.

The proud grandmother-to-be wrote on the receipt: "Look how long I've had this?" and circled the date.

Marjorie gave birth to daughter Madelynn four months after the gender reveal, on September 9, 2018.

But the significance of the date went unnoticed until January 12, when Marjorie was going through the baby clothes she'd received at her party.

She found the dress from her mother, which still had its tags on it.

When she went to cut the tags off, she realised that it had been purchased on her little girl's birthday.

Marjorie wrote on Facebook: "This is too good not to share! My mom gave me a gift at our gender reveal party.

"She had bought this little dress years before hoping she'd have a granddaughter one day. I thought it was cool so I kept the tags on.

"Tonight I snapped this picture to remember it before cutting the tags off to wash the dress. When I sent the picture to my mum I noticed something, she bought this dress on Madelynn's BIRTHDAY 7 years prior.

"How do you explain that! Tears, happy tears."

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