Find out how much you spend on makeup every day

How much do YOU spend on your face? Eye-watering cost of your makeup products revealed – with average woman forking out £870 a year

  • Average woman forks out £2.39 on makeup and facial cosmetics every day
  • The findings come from a new study of 1,000 women from Fragrance Direct
  • British women own £113.77 worth of facial beauty and makeup products 

Whether you prefer a bargain blusher, or will happily splash out £100 on the latest ‘miracle’ serum, the chances are you’re spending more on makeup than realise.

Indeed, a study this week revealed that the average woman spends £2.39 per day on makeup and toiletries, which adds up to £16.73 a week or a staggering £872.35 a year.

Now beauty experts at Fragrance Direct have created a fascinating tool to help you tally up your own beauty buys and see how your beauty bag weighs up against the national average – and the results may shock you. 

According to research from the online beauty retailer, the average woman owns an eye-watering £113.77 worth of facial beauty and makeup products at any one time.

How much do you spend on cosmetics? A team of experts at Fragrance Direct have created a fascinating tool to help you tally up your own beauty buys (file image)

The survey, of over 1,000 UK women, revealed the average routine consists of 12 products and the average woman will splurge tens of thousands of pounds on products over a lifetime.

It found that the average UK woman’s face costs £2.39 per day – equivalent to a morning coffee – and the cost is predicted to increase with one in seven women having introduced a new product into their beauty routine in the last 12 months.

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The age group with the most expensive beauty regime was 16-24-year-olds, with an average of 16 beauty products used daily, worth a staggering £153. 

This figure is the result of 19 per cent of this age bracket indulging in premium-brand products, boosting their daily face cost to a £4.38. 

The 16-25 bracket also boasts the highest number of users of contouring products (55.95 per cent), highlighter (44.86 per cent), primer (39.37 per cent), and setting spray (48.63 per cent).

A new survey, of over 1,000 UK women, has revealed the average routine consists of 12 products and the average woman will splurge hundreds on products in a year (file photo)

Serums were revealed as the most expensive facial beauty purchases for women, with an average of £17.41 spent per product, with research showing that older age groups are investing more in their skin with premium branded serums – 20.5 per cent of women aged 45-55 spend over £30 on this product alone.

A spokesperson for Fragrance Direct said; ‘The cost of being a woman is rising, and with new beauty trends such as contouring and ever-developing anti-ageing creams, our routines are becoming longer and more expensive. 

‘There is no shame in taking pride in your appearance, but by doing your research before purchasing, you can learn which beauty items are worth the splurge and which you can afford to scrimp on.’

The results are in!  

Five Femail writers totted up the amount they spent on beauty products every day – with surprising results.

Femail writer Amber Ascroft was surprised to learn how much she spends on makeup

Bridie Pearson-Jones uses a total of 14 products on her face, amounting to £1.69 a day

Femail writer Unity Blott was shocked to learn she spends £80.70 each month

Charlotte Bell spends around £2.42 on her face every day, adding up to £72.60 a month

Femail writer Jessica Rach was well below the national average with just 82p a day

Siofra Brennan spends around £2.50 on her makeup, according to the online quiz


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