‘Full House’ creator sues, claiming showrunner plotted to have him fired from reboot

“Fuller House” creator Jeff Franklin, who was fired from the Netflix reboot last year over concerns about his on-set behavior, is contesting his dismissal from the family comedy. 

After a Variety report claimed he was verbally abusive to staffers and had made inappropriate comments to the show’s writers, Warner Brothers Television announced in February 2018 that it would not renew Jeff Franklin’s deal, without an explanation.

Now Franklin has filed suit against the show’s co-executive producer Bryan Behar for allegedly conspiring to replace him as showrunner on “Fuller House,  according to trade outlets The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap.

In the complaint, his attorney, Larry Stein, writes Behar “concocted a plan to compile unflattering and distasteful information about Franklin that was either fabricated or twisted versions of events … and presented it first to the media and then to Warner Brothers in an effort to get Franklin thrown off ‘Fuller House.’”

The complaints against Franklin included allegations that he suggested that female staffers dress more seductively, discussed sex in the writers’ room and verbally accosted employees  – all of which he denies.

The lawsuit adds that Behar was “resentful of Franklin’s success,”  and “motivated by a secret hatred of Franklin” and hoped to “take his place someday as showrunner.”

His alleged plan came to fruition when Warner Bros terminated Franklin’s production deal.

“In need of a showrunner to carry on the schedule for Fuller House’s fourth season,” Stein noted, “Warner Brothers appointed Behar to replace Franklin.”

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