Pimm’s ice lollies now exist and we can’t wait to try them

The product has received plenty of positive reviews online.

One happy customer gushed: “I bought these as well as Pops Bellini popsicles for a friend’s BBQ.

“Both tasted delicious and were really good value for money!”

Another said: “Already love the champagne popsicles so ordered these.

“They are my new favourite. So refreshing.”

A third added: “These are absolutely delicious, would recommend to anyone.”

While many have shared their love for the product, some have said the ice lollies aren’t as good as a real glass of Pimm’s.

One unhappy reviewer remarked: “I love Pimm’s, but this doesn’t taste much like it.

“It isn’t that nice. I wouldn’t bother.”

Another commented: “I was so excited to try these, and picked them up whilst they were on offer. However, they were such an anti climax.

“They taste like dishwater with a dash of Pimms. They have a slushy consistency, which had me wondering whether my new freezer had actually gone up the swanny!”

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