Shoppers go wild for £1 cleaning sponge form M&S

Shoppers go wild for £1 M&S cleaning sponge with the retailer seeing sales increase by a HUNDRED per cent in a week after it was championed by cleaning blogger Mrs Hinch

  • M&S has reported a 100 per cent increase in sales on some cleaning products 
  • Comes after cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch shared items on her Instagram story  
  • Over 400 fans have shared their #HinchHaul from M&S on Instagram  

Viral cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has attracted an army of loyal followers with her products of choice often selling out as fans scramble to get their hands on them.

And M&S is the latest store to be hit by the ‘Hinch effect’ after the blogger shared a four minute Instagram story on its cleaning products this week.

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, named the supermarket’s £1 Cleaning Sponge which she affectionately dubbed the ‘markeh’ as her hero product.  

Other products given a special mention included the Apricot & Orange Kitchen Cleaner and the Floral Burst Multi-Purpose Cleaner both 90p. 

And it didn’t take fans to follow suit with over 400 people sharing posts about the same products using the hashtag #HinchHaul.

Shoppers have taken to Instagram to gush over a £1 cleaning sponge available from M&S

Customers have been rushing to get their hands on the product as well as other M&S cleaning items after cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch was spotted using them on her Instagram story 

M&S has reported that it saw a sales spike of up to 100 per cent in just one week. 

And it seems that the product is worth the hype with many social media users posting gushing reviews of the items on their own accounts.

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One wrote: ‘I literally love my Markeh from @marksandspencer I use him all the time in the kitchen (I use a Minkeh in my bathrooms). 

‘He (Markeh) is amazing, he cleans really well, I can rub hard and not worry he will fall to pieces and he’s a good size oh and at £1 he’s a bargain. 

The store has now reported a hundred per cent increase in sales of some of its cleaning products in the space of just one week 

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, has affectionately dubbed the £1 sponge the ‘markeh’

Fans of the blogger has used the hashtag #HinchHaul when sharing snaps of their M&S shop

Other products that shoppers have snapped up include the Apricot & Orange Kitchen Cleaner and the Floral Burst Multi-Purpose Cleaner both 90p

‘I’ve had one on the go for almost two months and it doesn’t even need replacing yet but I wouldn’t mind if it needs changing every month at £1 each.’

Another fan said: ‘I’ve been using my Markeh for a little while now and I’m honestly very impressed with it. 

‘It was only £1 from @marksandspencer and lives in my kitchen. Any time I’m cleaning my kitchen 9/10 times it’ll be using this.’ 

This is not the first time of course that Mrs Hinch has caused a sales spike in cleaning products.

Mrs Hinch (pictured) boasts  1.7 million Instagram followers, one of the most influential home interior Instagram accounts in the UK

Earlier this month Morrisons announced that it would be restocking the Minky sponge, a favourite of the influencer who affectionately dubs it the ‘minkeh’.

However, the supermarket decided to ration the £2.50 product so that everyone had a fair chance of getting their hands on Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning item allowing just two per customer.

The Minky is the number one product of choice from cleaning blogger Mrs Hinch, Sophie Hinchcliffe, who rose to fame in 2018 after sharing her cleaning tips with her impressive 1.7 million Instagram followers.

It is an anti-bacterial pad with high density microfibres, it has non-scratch technology and used for washing up and wiping down.


Her beloved products often sell out with the Minky cloth appearing  on eBay with one listing of four cloths attracting 85 bids the highest of which is £7,900

The cleaning sponge has been so sought after that they were being flogged on eBay for nearly £8,000 – over 3,000 times the retail price.   

Mrs Hinch, from Essex, amassed hundreds of thousands of followers by providing step-by-step instructions of cleaning tips and tricks.

She had been running her account anonymously until she decided to appear on This Morning, showing her face for the first time which shocked her followers.

While she admitted during the interview that she’d been trying to ‘hide’ behind her social media account, she claims to have learned to love her newfound fame.


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