The Queen's Latest Trip Had a Special Connection to One of Her Grandchildren

If you thought your Thursday was exhausting, avert your eyes from Queen Elizabeth’s schedule. On Thursday morning the monarch, who is just a month shy of age 93, made the 140 mile trek from London to Somerset by train, where she had back-to-back engagements — including a stop at the local Hauser & Wirth gallery. 

If “Hauser & Wirth” sounds familiar, that could be because it’s an international operation with offices in London and Somerset as well as New York and Los Angeles. But it’s also where Princess Eugenie, whose royal wedding you’ll remember from just last October, serves as a director. 

Eugenie (and big sis Beatrice, for that matter) is not a working royal, meaning that unlike cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as their respective wives, Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, she does not occupy her days traveling the country on behalf of the crown. 

Eugenie, ninth in line for the throne (soon to be tenth with the arrival of Meghan’s baby), works full-time at the gallery’s London location. According to photos from the occasion, it doesn’t look like the 27-year-old dropped by the Somerset gallery to say hello to gran – though as a fellow working professional I’d say that’s probably par for the course. Mid-day outings to smile and wave alongside grandma don’t usually fly with management. 

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People reports that during her visit, the queen also spent time at Manor Farm Stables, where the noted equestrian fed some very lucky horses on parade. (Fortunately, her Scottish nemesis — the pony Cruachan IV — was nowhere to be seen.) Please enjoy these thoroughly wholesome photos of Queen E in her element. 

The lime-clad monarch talked to some people, too, rounding out her day with a visit to a coed school where she greeted students, took in a choral performance and even bumped into an in-law. Hello! reports that while at the school, the Queen met with Christopher Bournes Rhys-Jones, the father of her daughter-in-law Countess of Wessex. (Sophie, ICYMI, is married to the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward.)

All in a day’s week for England’s oldest reigning monarch. 

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