Anne Hathaway Has A Shaggy Bob Now & It’s SUCH A Throwback

There are actors who not only deliver a stellar performance onscreen, but also transform into someone completely different when a pair of scissors hits their hair. Anne Hathaway got a wavy haircut, and the look is giving fans some serious Joan Jett vibes. Let’s welcome Rocker Anne to the ranks.

Hairstylist Adir Abergel is the culprit behind Hathaway’s shaggy auburn cut, whose also created gorgeous hair looks for celebrities like Emma Roberts, Saoirse Ronan, and Charlize Theron. The hairstylist already posted two photos of Hathaway’s new ‘do on Instagram, making fans rave at the throwback look. In the caption of the second post of Hathaway’s hair, Abergel spilled all the deets on how hair enthusiasts can achieve Hathaway’s same wavy look. The process is extensive, but also totally worth the shag.

“This cut is perfect if you have straight or wavy hair,” Abergel wrote. “Apply @virtuelabs Volumizing primer everywhere, then rough dry the hair until it’s completely dry. Add some random waves with a curling iron, a 1” iron is perfect. Break down the texture with @virtuelabs Moisture Defining Whip and a small dab of @kristin_ess Shine Serum. Tilt hair to the side and apply from ends towards roots (repeat on both sides) and finally diffuse product in hair.”

One thing the actor does seamlessly is that with every new hairstyle, Hathaway (and her hair) look totally unrecognizable, but also like a complete baddie.

Hathaway debuted the new look during the promotion of her new movie Hustle, in which she costars with Rebel Wilson.

Hathaway has donned some drastic looks over the course of her entire career. In the actor’s early days, she grabbed fans attention from the moment her bushy curls, glasses, and retainer graced the screen when she starred as Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries.

The actor has since moved on to bold bangs (and a plethora of other transformative looks) in The Devil Wears Prada, but Hathaway shaving it off entirely for her role in Les Miserables could remain her most dramatic hair change to date.

Abergel shared the first photo of Hathaway’s throwback hair cut in a black and white filter, so fans weren’t sure if the star had gotten a dark-colored dye job. Since posting the second one with details on how to get the look, fans can get a better view at Hathaway’s wavy auburn locks.

In her day-to-day, Hathaway has often worn her hair long, or back length at the least, but now the actor has decided to sport something choppier and much shorter.

Hathaway used to rock a similar hair cut in 2018 where she donned similar waves, but with more blond highlights framing her face and less of the choppy ends that make her new look so chic.

The ways in which Hathaway creates new identities with her hair dyes, lobs, and hair cuts will cease to amaze those who love her as an actor. For now, people can just seek out her hairstylist’s Instagram page to achieve even just a sliver of her sultry style.

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