Billy Porter Arrives At The 2019 Met Gala Carried By Shirtless Men

We didn’t think anyone could top Lady Gaga’s Met Gala outfits ― yes, there were multiple ― but Billy Porter came pretty darn close.

The performer and “Pose” star made a grand entrance with the help of a group of shirtless men who carried him inside. For fashion’s biggest night, he channeled the Egyptian goddess Isis, one of the “most important goddesses of ancient Egypt,” according to Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Porter’s golden ensemble, designed by The Blonds, also brought to mind a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Porter accessorized his ensemble with a chainmail headpiece and golden crown, as well as matching gold Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. And keeping with the gold theme, he also gilded his eyes with golden makeup and embellishments.

From here on out, we vote Porter be invited to every red carpet.

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