Every Hair Type’s Best Flat Iron for Straighter, Smoother Hair

The more is more trend came for hair in a big way this year. Barrettes! Texture! Headbands! Any and all hair accents are fair game. But when you’re looking for a straightforward, yet chic hairstyle, sometimes less is more again—and straightened hair alone suffices.

No matter your hair length, sometimes a simple, sleek straightening job is the way to go. But straight hair can seem unattainable if you’re rocking bouncy curls or beachy waves on a daily basis. Enter: a high-wattage flat iron. With a powerful flat iron, hair always appears pin-straight and shiny no matter its natural state. (And with the high-tech options these days, flat irons can even make hair healthier.) Ahead, we gathered the best flat irons for every hair type. Straight, shiny hair has never been so universally easy to unlock—and keep.

The plates on this iron are made from a combination of silk, teflon, mineral, and ceramic nanoparticles to keep hair smoother, shinier, and healthier than you ever thought possible.

A 5-in-1 ceramic iron may sound gimmicky, but this one works. With every clamp, the argan-oil infused iron locks in moisture while working out waves.

An internal microchip ensures the plates of this iron remain evenly heated, so your results look uniform from root to tip. The beveled edges provide the flexibility to style your strands smooth and straight, curled, or wavy with volume, so while it may seem like a steep investment, this tool pays dividends.

Celebrity hairstylists won’t use any other flat iron to create red carpet looks on their clients. This one from BioIonic gets just hot enough to smooth and boost shine without damage, and has vibrating plates to expertly separate strands of hair.

Beachwaver recently launched a flat iron that does exactly the opposite of its famous curling iron. It heats up to an impressive 450 degrees to ensure that even the curliest, kinkiest hair can get stick-straight (but all other hair types should dial it down lower to avoid damage).

The plates of this double-duty iron (it straightens and curls) are encased in stainless steel (not plastic), so they won’t warp under high temperatures causing snagging and damage to your hair.

If Gisele Bündchen meets your #hairgoals, consider this iron created by her stylist Harry Josh. The wider-than-usual 1.25 inch plates allow contact with a larger surface area in order to speed up styling time, and the quick-heating ceramic-titanium plates (it takes only 45 seconds to reach 400 degrees) abolish frizz and boost shine for model-worthy strands.

This iron helps prevent damage in three ways: extra long ceramic plates get the job done in fewer passes (with more shine), rounded edges prevent pulling, and an easy-to-read digital screen ensures you never dial up the heat too high.

Don’t sacrifice travel just for straight hair. If you’re on-the-go, this teeny-tiny flat iron packs all the same power as its larger peers in a much smaller package. Whip it out in your hotel room or at the airport, and it’ll fix dented ends or flyaways in minutes.

It’s less than $100. It’s lightweight. It automatically shuts off after inactivity. In other words, it’s a last-minute stylist’s dream tool.

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