Experts share their secrets to a long lasting manicure

Thanks to Queen Hailey Bieber, manicures are having a moment.

Her glazed donut nails took TikTok by storm, with searches for the look hitting over 95 million views.

And whether it’s barbiecore pink, or gem studded nail art, we’re obsessed with keeping our talons on trend.

But as life gets more expensive, dropping the cash on our hands means we want them to last as long as possible.

So how do you keep your mani looking chip-free and salon fresh?

We asked experts for their insider info.

Look after your natural nails

It might seem obvious, but making sure your nails are healthy is the key to a long lasting manicure.

Nikki Parker ( is a nail technician, specialising in bespoke hand painted nail art. She says applying cuticle oil is vital in keeping your nails strong and flexible.

She says: ‘Ensuring you use cuticle oil is my number one tip.

‘Apply it around and underneath your nails for ultimate hydration. I’d recommend putting it on before bed, and building it into your night time routine – that way, you won’t forget.’

The way you file your nails can also affect their health. Juanita Huber-Millet is the founder of Townhouse, the celebrity-favourite nail salon which offers award-winning nail art. She says: ‘File your nails in one direction, rather than in a back-and-forth motion.

‘The latter can weaken your nails further and cause them to split.

‘And apply hand cream throughout the day – preferably each time you wash your hands – to offset the drying effect. I keep a bottle in my hand bag.’

Try an IBX treatment

Juanita says: ‘This 10 minute in-salon nail strengthening treatment is a great manicure add-on.

‘Ideal for damaged, weak, brittle and peeling nails, its conditioning monomers penetrate the nail surface to fill in grooves and ridges and prevent breakage.

‘The result? Longer lasting and stronger nails that can better withstand environmental wear and tear.’

Use gentle products

If you ever needed an excuse not to do the washing up, this is it. Juanita explains: ‘Look for formulas that are PH balanced, and always wear rubber gloves when doing the washing up or cleaning.’

Unfortunately, Nikki says you should also avoid too much pampering immediately after a manicure. She says: ‘Hots baths, steam rooms and sauna in the 24 hours after you’ve had your nails done as it can cause lifting and bubbling.’

Pick the right nails for you

From squoval to almond, nail shape trends also come and go. Nikki says: ‘Choose a nail shape that suits your lifestyle.

‘If you’re heavy handed, go for short round nails, however, if you’re more careful with your nails, pick square or almond.

‘After a few appointment, you’ll find what suits you.’

Townhouse have just launched their fifth salon in East London’s Liverpool Street. Visit to book.

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