Here’s When Nordstrom Will Be Open On Christmas Eve For All You Procrastinators Out There

The holiday shopping season is winding down. If you’ve managed to finish all of your shopping already, hooray. Grab a cup of peppermint-spiked hot cocoa and enjoy the next few days while avoiding the mall. If you’ve still have gifts to buy, don’t panic. Nordstrom’s Christmas Eve store hours will offer you an excellent opportunity to "wrap up" your shopping. The department store can serve as your one-stop shop while the most wonderful time of the year enters its home stretch.

It’s totally OK if you are a major procrastinator who admits that you won’t finish grabbing — and ultimately wrapping — gifts until the last possible second. Perhaps you prefer the time crunch and make even better gifting decisions and shopping choices when the pressure is on.

Whatever the case, Bustle reached out to Nordstrom PR to confirm the store’s Christmas Eve shopping hours. We also called several New York City-area locations. On Monday, Dec. 24, the Nordstroms in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N.J., and in the Short Hills Mall in Summit, N.J. are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The White Plains, N.Y. store is open from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The 8-6 window seems standard.

That said, you can — and should — also blow in a call to your local Nordstrom outpost and inquire directly about the location’s Christmas Eve hours. It’s always best to be as prepared as possible in these situations and placing a call to your regional store is always a good idea.

So here’s your Christmas Eve itinerary. Cruise on over the local mall, brave both the foot and vehicular traffic, and finish your shopping via Nords.

You can hunker down in the nearest Nordstrom outpost and scoop up makeup from brands like MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Jo Malone, and more. You can grab all sorts of accessories from bags to scarves to sunglasses. Or you can hit one of the Topshop boutiques within Nordstrom stores or pick up a pair of Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans.

If you have a Carrie Bradshaw-like shoe lover on your shopping list, be sure and stop by the retailer’s shoe department. There are tons of options, from casual to dressy. This zebra-like pair with the silver bullet pointed toe is so chic.

In addition to outfit accessories, Nordstrom is home to an excellent jewelry department. If you want to make a major statement with your gift giving, a ring or a bauble is the way to do it.

Did we mention that Nordstrom’s shoe department is a dream world in which you can get lost for hours? Oh, yeah. We did. You may end up shopping for yourself on Xmas Eve once you take a look at the footwear.

The Nordstrom beauty department isn’t too shabby, either. It stocks all the best brands. It’s yet another section of the store in which you can wander and explore for hours.

But you don’t have hours upon hours. Precious seconds are ticking away. If you are shopping on Christmas Eve and grabbing some final odds and ends, you need to be super efficient with your time. That’s why committing to one location, like Nordstrom, which stocks so many amazing things you can give as gifts, is a great idea.

To make the most out of Nord’s Xmas Eve hours, tighten your shopping list. Assign a product type, category, or "gift idea" to the remaining people on your list. Then hit each department, grab something fitting and thoughtful, and check ’em off said list. Then head home to enjoy some fam time.

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