How Carrie Underwood & Jana Kramer Are Staying Fit & Healthy While Pregnant

Pregnant stars Jana and Carrie are both totally healthy and strong while growing their babies — in fact, exercise is encouraged while expecting! Their trainer is breaking down exactly how they are staying fit below.

Erin Oprea is an amazing celebrity trainer who has worked with just about every star in country music — Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini and Jana Kramer, to name a few. Jana is about ready to pop yet she has major muscles! We spoke to Erin EXCLUSIVELY about how Jana is staying so fit while expecting! “She stays active — all day movement is super important. She walks and not just for the hour that we workout together, but throughout the day. We are still doing weight training like we did before, but with some modifications. Of course, we work to maintain those amazing legs with hill walking and squats.”

Carrie is also known for her amazing legs! Erin says you shouldn’t be dieting or sculpting too much while pregnant, because gaining weight is important to the health of you and your baby. “Pregnancy is really the time to maintain your best health. After having the baby and when you are cleared by your doctor, then come join my live virtual training and we’ll get you those [famous Carrie] legs!” While pregnant, “focus on eating clean.”

As long as you check with your doctor, it’s safe to workout when pregnant. “As long as women are cleared to do so by their doctor, movement is SUPER important. But they need to know how to workout correctly during pregnancy. Don’t get overheated. Don’t get your heart rate up too high. And during pregnancy is not the time to decide to lose weight and gain muscle. This is the time to maintain as much as possible. Eating clean during pregnancy makes the biggest difference.” Erin says, “It’s kind of underrated, but walking — especially hill walking, which is great for the booty — is fantastic. Side stepping with a versa loop band around your ankles is great for the hips and booty. Booty pulses, sumo squats, side planks, and upper body weight training are also some great moves. Remember, your arms aren’t pregnant! Keep them banging!”

What should you avoid while pregnant? “Sit ups and anything laying on your back. I like to err on the side of caution so I don’t do a lot of high impact stuff.”

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