I Tried AOC's Entire Beauty Routine, and Now I Get How She Always Looks So Radiant

I Tried AOC’s Entire Beauty Routine, and Now I Get How She Always Looks So Radiant

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exudes the type of energy and confidence that I try to emulate every day. You can tell the congresswoman is comfortable in her skin and knows exactly who she is. It’s visible whenever she takes the House floor, goes live on Instagram to address current events with her followers, and even when she talks about her beauty routine, which she often does on Twitter.

Like most of us, Ocasio-Cortez has a glam routine for when she’s looking to do something special and a more pared-down makeup routine she can easily do every day with her busy schedule. Recently, someone on Twitter inquired about Ocasio-Cortez’s go-to skin-care products and she dished all the details on her latest favorites, and suddenly it makes a lot of sense why her skin always looks so good.

“I’ve actually been trying some new drugstore items in my skincare,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “The Cerave Vit C serum is legit! I tried a fancier one before that but it turned orange too fast. I’ve also been using either the Cerave tinted sunscreen or @iliabeauty super serum w/ a little powder.”

In an effort to channel my inner Ocasio-Cortez and replicate her glow, I decided to try out her routine for myself.

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