I Tried Herbivore Botanicals For 1 Month to See If It's More Than Just Instagrammable

Herbivore Botanicals Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme

Welcome to Off the Grid, our column that investigates the beauty products you’re seeing slip into the Explore pages of your Instagram with their beautiful packaging and styling. We’re spotlighting those (not-so) hidden gems of the beauty world to see if those growing brands on social media are really worth the hype.

Tucked between the bottles and jars of some of the most enviable shelfies and flat lays, you might find the minimalist packaging and muted hues of Herbivore Botanicals. Combine its aesthetically pleasing exterior with how the brand touts itself as being “natural” — Herbivore keeps its formulations free of dyes and synthetic ingredients — and it checks off all of the proverbial boxes, but we were curious to see how it actually impacted our skin.

I practiced skincare monogamy for a month, slathering only products from the line on my body for 30 days. Here’s my unfiltered opinion.

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