“I tried the viral ‘lip balm’ blusher that’s constantly sold out – here’s what I thought”

Written by Morgan Fargo

A hydrating blusher that blends moisture with pigment? Here’s why Pixi can’t keep this popular product in stock.

As a self-appointed blusher connoisseur, the range of innovative, ingenious products and formulas out there is staggering. There are big things happening in the blush world, from water-suspended pigment particles to colour-changing blushers based on your skin’s pH levels. 

For popular cosmetics brand Pixi, the stroke of brilliance came in the form of the On-the-Go Blush stick. Available in three shades, the blusher range blends shiny, sheer hydration with a wash of colour, much like a tinted lip balm. 

Trying the Pixi On-the-Glow Blush stick

Inundated with reviews on my For You page – some glowing, others less enthused – I had to see what the fuss was about. 

Swiping on straight from the bullet, I could see the appeal immediately. For on-the-go make-up wearers or people who prefer to use their fingers and hands over brushes, the system is efficient and easy to use. Plus, the formula applies smoothly and evenly – no patchiness or juddering feeling as it moves over the face.  

Much less opaque than the product appears in the bullet, the tinted balm is sheer, supple and feels comfortable on the skin. It doesn’t dry down or tighten but settles into the skin with a lightweight sheen, thanks to a blend of aloe vera and ginseng. 

If you live for dewy, subtle, moisture-rich make-up, this blusher looks like your skin on its best day and blends quickly and evenly. If you prefer a high concentration of colour, a more intensely pigmented blusher may suit you better, such as the Jones Road Lip and Cheek Stick or the Tower 28 Beach Please Luminous Tinted Balm.  

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Main image: Morgan Fargo

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