If My Self-Care Routine Doesn't Smell Like the Holidays, I Don't Want It

If My Self-Care Routine Doesn’t Smell Like the Holidays, I Don’t Want It

Cookie-decorating parties, gift-wrapping gatherings, and dinner dates at holiday-themed restaurants usually fill my December calendar — but not this year. Instead, I’m making the best of my party for one with festive self-care products. My only rule: if it doesn’t smell like the holidays and make me as happy as I am on Christmas morning, I don’t want it.

If you Zoom me, don’t be surprised when I pick up from the tub, wine in hand, with Mariah Carey Christmas music on loop. You won’t be able to smell through the screen, but you can bet cedar-, gingerbread-, or peppermint-scented candles, body lotion, and bath bombs are the reason my smile is so wide.

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