If you struggle to apply eyeliner, you'll love this easy hack to fix errors

How many of us have spent what feels like forever, hunched in front of the mirror with an aching arm as we draw on eyeliner, only for it to look like a complete mess?

This is usually followed by an intense eye scrubbing session that inevitably makes us panda-eyed and 30 minutes late for wherever we need to be.

Luckily, though, you don’t have to go through that excruciating experience any longer, thanks to a TikTok hack currently making the rounds.

The technique uses tape, which you may have seen before among beauty influencers who stencil in sharp lines beforehand.

However, this is a hack with a twist – it’s a way to remove eyeliner perfectly, rather than apply it.

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TikToker Hayley Buix has been credited with starting the trend, with her video explanation garnering over half a million likes.

After a botched wing, Hayley takes a small piece of sticky tape and lays it over the still-wet liner.

Once it’s lifted off, the eyeliner is gone but the rest of her makeup remains intact. Best of all, there are no smears and smudges, so (at least in theory) you won’t have to start from scratch after every mistake.

But is this the best way to remove eyeliner?

Face The Future makeup artist, Rachel Divers, says it’s ‘certainly a hack that works.’

‘In fact, makeup artists and enthusiasts alike have used tape-like products to remove makeup like stubborn glitter for years,’ she adds.

However, she doesn’t recommend this approach as an everyday thing.

Rachel explains: ‘Although it’s fast and effective, tape tugs away at the delicate skin around your eyes which, in time, will lead to looser skin and can increase fine lines and wrinkles.

‘There’s also the additional issue that your skin may be sensitive to the tape which will lead to sensitivity, redness, and irritation.’

If you just can’t perfect that coveted cat-eye, she recommends using one of the myriad products and stencils available. After all, you don’t have to rely on a steady hand with a stencil showing you what to do.

Rachel also advises starting with a soft brown powder eyeshadow on an angled brush, which can be topped up with liquid liner once you’ve got your shape.

‘That way, any mistakes are super easy to gently dust away with a makeup brush,’ she says.

As for removal, the makeup artist recommends something a little gentler than tape.

‘If you do make a mistake with your liquid liner, the best way to remove it is with a cotton bud soaked in a gentle eye makeup remover,’ adds Rachel.

‘If you don’t have eye makeup remover handy, you can use a small amount of eye cream on a cotton bud to remove the liner, too.’

In a pinch, tape can be a real beauty saviour, but it may be worth leaving out of your regular makeup routine.

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