Kesha Loves Butt Masks, and We're Betting She Used These Ones Before Her Recent Red Carpet Appearance

Ever since Tik Tok — the song, not the app, thank you very much — first came on the radio, I have been a Kesha fan. I spent most of junior high and high school blasting her CDs from my car and bedroom stereo, singing about party life and making out under the bleachers (not that I knew anything about either). Now, not only is Kesha still providing the world with some major bops, but also the best skincare advice, particularly when it comes to your bum.

Just last week, Kesha wore a thong and see-through dress on the red carpet for the premiere of Pig. And aside from the fact that it was a fabulous outfit choice, from a beauty standpoint, I couldn't help but wonder how you get this asset ready for a red carpet appearance. Your face can be prepped with plenty of products and primers, but what about when your butt is front and center? Fortunately, we learned Kesha loves butt masks, including these $11 butt masks from Bawdy. 

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The singer admitted, "I'm, like, butt mask lady" in one of her YouTube videos and was thrilled when she unboxed a set of them from Bawdy — which are available on Amazon. "I found, because I'm obsessed with masks, I was like, well, what about my butt though? I want to give my butt love. My butt deserves love. So I found these butt masks and now it's kind of my thing," the star said.

And Kesha is clearly not alone. Bawdy's masks are a hit with reviewers, too. There are four cheekily named masks (pun totally intended) and each has a specific purpose. Slap It helps detox and smooth, Squeeze It gets a glow going, Bite It hydrates and tones, and Shake It firms things up. 

Shop now: $11,

"I was incredibly skeptical and figured it'd be more of a novelty mask. I was also sure that the mask would not be big enough to cover my curvy thicc butt," wrote one reviewer. "I'm so happy I purchased. I just felt like I needed a hydration recharge and a little life added back into my skin … I felt the end result visibly made my skin look hydrated as well as [smoothened] out a few of my booty dimples. Not only that but I felt the next morning I could still visibly see the results so I was extra happy in my bikini that day."

Another shopper noted that it "leaves skin smooth and hydrated" as well as "helps lessen [the] visibility of cellulite." Plenty of reviewers were also thrilled with how soft their booties felt for days after using it.

Shop now: $11,

While your bum may not be front and center on the red carpet anytime soon, there are plenty of occasions this summer where applying a butt mask the night before could come in handy. Plus, this line from Bawdy is Kesha-approved — the queen of butt masks and butt-baring outfits.

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