Serena Tea Just Absolutely Floored Me With Zero Warning

Serena Tea on Cosmo Queens? HEAT. Let’s discuss the creativity, the hair architecture, the DRAMA. If I was in the business of handing out grades for this series, this one’s an A. Serena herself told us that the look she curated here is her favorite look to date, which is really saying something when you check out her past work:

A post shared by 💋Serena Tea💋 (@serenateanyc)

A post shared by 💋Serena Tea💋 (@serenateanyc)

I mean…she just deserves gold stars all around. For Serena, this high fashion vibe is right up her alley. She revealed that her dream lineup of runways to walk during Fashion Week would include The Blondes, Laquan Smith, and Christopher John Rogers. And she’s found hella inspiration from other houses as well.

“I’m very inspired by fashion houses like Saint Laurent, Moschino, Balmain, Mugler, etc; I’m inspired by the Black trans women of our times like Dominique Jackson, Ms. Boogie, and Tokyo Stylez.”

Watch the full episode to see Serena at work, and you’ve got to tap into her IG to see more!!

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