Skincare Experts Recommended These Pillowcases, So You Can Finally Get Your Beauty Sleep

Skincare Experts Recommended These Pillowcases, So You Can Finally Get Your Beauty Sleep

If you’re not getting the results you want from your skincare products, you might want to look at your bed — specifically at your pillowcases. Your pillowcase could be what’s holding you back from your dream skin. The wrong one can actually make your regimen of creams and serums less effective and can even harm your skin.

Owner of Beauty Strike, a New York City studio that has its own vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics line, and esthetician Emani Mone Jeter recommended 100 percent cotton pillowcases and silk pillowcases. She spends her nights sleeping on both — cotton because it’s breathable and easy to wash and silk because it doesn’t pull. “Silk, compared to cotton, is refined and the texture doesn’t pull [on your skin or hair],” she said. “It is smooth all the way around [and] is more hypoallergenic.”

Jeter shared that cotton, while breathable, can tug on your skin. This can increase fine lines, wrinkles, and even pull on your eyebrows and hair. New York-based esthetician Essence Moore explained that “the fabrics that come into contact with our skin are really, really important.” She sleeps on a satin pillowcase “because they’re a lot more convenient and affordable,” but if you’re looking to spend a bit more, “you can go with something that has silver ions in the fabric.” Silver ion pillowcases are best if you have specific skin concerns. “If you’re someone that has acne or oily skin and you want to balance that out, you can go with a silver ion pillowcase because those help to kill bacteria,” she said.

As for maintenance, Moore explained that ideally, you would change out your pillowcase once per week, but if you’re worried about oil production or acne, she recommended changing your pillowcase every two to three days. Jeter summed it up perfectly: “You’re harboring bacteria, hair, and dead skin cells [on your pillows]. If you wash your face, why would you go and put your face on a dirty surface?” The wrong pillowcase can derail your skincare journey. Here are the best pillowcases to get you back on track and take your beauty sleep to the next level.

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