Take these swirly nail designs to your next salon appointment

Spring has arrived and the sunshine has got us planning our summer wardrobes and beauty looks.

Nail art is a great way of injecting spring colours into our everyday looks – and there are so many seasonal styles to choose from, including daisy nails, rainbow tips and pastel polish.

Or you could dip your toe in the latest nail trend that’s all over Instagram.

Swirly nails and wavy tips are everywhere at the moment – and they are perfect for the warmer months ahead.

The former refers to swirly designs all over the nail, whether that’s using different colours or negative space – and there’s a lot of room to get creative with it.

While the latter sees the trend solely on the tips of the nail – for a 2022 twist on the French manicure. 

The mix and match trend – AKA a different design on each nail – is also a key theme for this year and swirly nails are a great way into this, as you could have a slightly different pattern on each nail.

There’s room to get experimental with colours, too – either layering different shades on top of one another for a colour-block effect, or spacing them out across your nail with negative space in between. 

Green is also a big theme for nails this year, so you could always opt for a tonal look with different shades – be it forest, emerald or khaki.

The trend can also be scaled up or down according to individual taste – so larger and thicker swirls could take over the entire nail, or thinner and more subtle ones could appear a few times.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next salon appointment, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite looks. 


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