The newest makeup trend is the reverse cat eye – here's how to master it

Since makeup went ‘minimal’ – in no small part due to the popularity of Glossier and Milk Makeup – there haven’t been many new trends that work for nighttime.

For a dramatic eye look, we had to improvise or stick to the cut creases and smokey lids we learned back when YouTube was in its infancy.

There seems to be a new kid on the block, though, and it’s perfect for people with hooded eyes or monolids who struggle to create a bold look on just their lids.

Enter the reverse cat eye, which has been pioneered by makeup artist Painted by Spencer from LA in the US.

It’s Spencer’s signature look, and he posted a tutorial to his channel earlier this year, prompting other influencers and creatives to recreate it themselves.

Makeup aficionados like Mikayla Nogueira and Alice King have both given it a go, as well as giving it glowing reviews as an easy-yet-impactful eyeshadow technique.

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Despite being called a reverse cat eye, you aren’t going to be using the gel or liquid eyeliner you might typically use for the ‘inverse’ version on your upper lid.

Instead, this is far softer, like a blended-out version of an Ancient Egyptian kohl liner, pulling the eye shape upwards (and emulating the fox eye trend in a less problematic way) to lift the face.

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If you want to try it out, we’ve got a step-by-step guide.

  • Add a grey tone to the upper lid as a base, using a fluffy brush to focus on the crease.
  • Take the same shade and, using a flatter brush, swipe this from left to right just below your eye.
  • Use a pencil liner to colour your waterline, extending this line from the inner eye to up towards the tail of your brow. Spencer stresses that you shouldn’t be blending or going much lower than your waterline at this point, as you can blend it out later.
  • Use an eyeshadow detailing brush with a tiny bit of black shadow on it to diffuse that line and make it appear less harsh.
  • Apply mascara or lashes and you’re ready to go.

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