'The novelty wore off so quickly and I hated them' – Irish blogger Lisa Jordan on having breast implants removed

One of Ireland’s top bloggers has warned women to think twice about going under the knife after making the decision to have her breast implants removed.

Lisa Jordan (34) who is better known by her social media moniker Just Jordan opted to reverse the procedure this month after enduring years of physical and emotional trauma.

Now the Cork-based influencer and businesswoman is urging young women to do their research before undergoing breast augmentations.

Unlike some celebrities, including Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson who ditched their breast enhancements after the trend began to deflate, the mum-of-two has bravely revealed the negative impact the surgery has had on her mental and physical health.

“Getting an operation and putting silicone bags inside you is serious and it should be taken that way. I really feel my story could potentially make someone think twice about changing themselves,” she said.

“As a teenager I wanted big boobs, I remember constantly looking at myself and feeling so insecure that they were small.

“Back then a boob job was like bum implants and lip fillers,the procedures that are popular now. There weren’t bloggers or influencers there were TV stars and reality stars, girls like Jennifer Ellison.

“There was a definite boob craze and I was conscious of the way I looked. I was an impressionable young girl and I was in commercial modelling at the time and I wanted to have it done, it was for me, it wasn’t for anyone else.

“It was always my own insecurity that made me want to have the surgery but I was also pushed because I saw other people with them every time I opened a magazine or paper.

“I was 21 when I had them done. I was bordering a C cup and this is my whole point, I had lovely boobs prior to the surgery. I went to a DD and they were quite big for my body.”

Despite her initial excitement, Lisa, who is the brains behind hugely popular makeup and haircare line Luna by Lisa, added, “I was happy with them for a couple of years, I was excited and they were new and I loved them. It was like buying a new car and then it’s not so fun when you have to make the repayments.

“The novelty wore off so quickly and by the time I was 24 I really hated them and I just didn’t want them anymore. I started to become self-conscious about them and I wanted to constantly cover them up.

“People looked at me differently and some people would even say ‘she’s fake’ and that was psychologically really stressful. It hurt my feelings and it made me feel cheap.

“Nowadays it is more common and nobody bats an eyelid but back ten years ago things were very different and having your boobs done was alien, even though it was popular with celebrities and glamour girls.

“I hated the attention of them, I hated people looking at them and then I began thinking of my health.”

Struck by her low energy and constant back pain, Lisa began to research the possible side effects of the implants and uncovered breast implant illness (BII) – a poorly understood condition that is caused when the body rejects the implant.

Despite the fact that the condition isn’t recognised by the HSE or the wider medical community, more than 90,000 women have joined Facebook groups about BII and describe a variety of symptoms including fatigue, chest pain, hair loss, headaches, chills, photosensitivity, chronic pain, rashes and depression that they attribute to their implants.

“I had so much back pain with them, I was uncomfortable and then I began forgetting things and the more I researched breast implant illness the more things I began to pinpoint. Of course, my forgetfulness, tiredness etc they could be related to other issues, but I just thought there was a link.

“I do find that my energy levels, my back pain and my forgetfulness have improved but I have only had them out recently so I don’t know if there will be a huge change. I also didn’t like the idea that if you have a breast implant would that make it harder to see lumps?

And might there be a lump hidden behind the implant? Because I have two kids now it was just something I didn’t want to have to worry about.

“I was nervous to remove them because I wasn’t sure what I would be left with and I paid so much money for them, back then they would have cost €8,000 or €9,000. There were so many things that stopped me getting them out over the past ten years, I was getting married, I was building a house and then having kids.”

With close to 200,000 Instagram followers, the former make-up artist is now hoping to use her platform to create change.

“Younger girls are seeing all of these fabulous looking girls on Instagram, or even looking at me and saying ‘her boobs are lovely I want to get them’.

“I wanted them to know I didn’t like them even though it may have looked like I did because I had them in for so long,” she explained.

“The response has been amazing. So many girls who were planning on getting them done have now changed their minds – some are getting them removed and other women who reached out had very serious illnesses as a result of breast implants. I also heard from girls who had them and are delighted they got them and are so confident.

“What I would say is just think things through and don’t do it because someone else looks good, do it for yourself. Do I think implants should even be legal? I don’t know, but then there are people who need them, who may need breast reconstruction,there are good sides to them too to improve peoples’ confidence.

“I just wanted to say ‘I’m you. I wanted big boobs I loved them and I thought they were amazing but now I regret ever getting them in the first place’ and someone else might feel that way. I feel liberated now I have no work done at all.

“I’m not here trying to put anyone off the idea of getting implants, it’s a very personal choice, nor am I trying to scare who has them but I just want to be truthful about my journey.”

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