This Underarm Toner Will Get Rid of the Funk Your Natural Deodorant Can't

This Armpit Toner is the Answer to Your Sweaty Girl Problems

With spring here, warmer weather is just around the corner (here in Atlanta, we've already had our fair share of 80 degree days). And with that comes brunch on the patio, socially distanced pool season, and an extra helping of B.O. (yes, you heard me). But this year, we've got a solution.

Enter Bella Skin Beauty's Watermelon Probiotic Underarm Toner: a brand new product and the first of its kind to hit the market.

Designed to be used underneath your deodorant, the spray contains watermelon extract (which is rich in vitamin C), ylang ylang, probiotics, and lemon balm. Together, they kill bacteria, regulate oil production, reduce inflammation, and smooth skin. Plus, it's also non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, just like every product in the brand's lineup.

A few spritzes of the toner are supposed to help your deodorant perform all day, prevent underarm odor, and cleanse your armpits better than soap and water alone.

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As the story goes, Bella Skin Beauty founder Diana Shneider developed the product to help her daughter Alex, who is also co-founder of the brand, combat her serious sweat as a professional tennis player.

While I'm no pro athlete, I am super sweaty, so I was excited to test it out. And I have to admit, the stuff's legit.

watermelon underarm toner

To shop: $25;

Through the years, I have tried every advanced formula, clinical strength deodorant application hack out there, and unfortunately, none of them have kept me as dry and stink-free as I would like. But this product makes a noticeable difference.

I've been using the toner after my morning shower and shave (it tingles on freshly shaven skin), and the first thing I notice is how clean and fresh my pits feel. While I never used to think they felt dirty straight out of a shower, the toner adds an extra dose of freshness that I love — and that fresh feeling lasts all day for me.

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Now, I haven't had a chance to put it to the test against blistering Atlanta heat that has you sweating in the 40 seconds it takes to walk to your mailbox (the day will come all too soon for that test). But what it has had to combat is my intensive at-home workouts, house cleaning day, and a boatload of stress sweating. And guess what: I am dramatically fresher than usual after those endeavors, plus zero pit smell!

Another side effect of dousing my pits with skin pampering ingredients? It's making my underarms look and feel smoother, which I can now mark down as something I never knew I wanted.

So yes, what I'm saying is I now have a multi-step armpit skincare routine — and no, I'm not mad about it. 

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