Thumbs Up: Julia Michaels Is Normalizing Body Hair on the Grammys Red Carpet

Over the last year, Julia Michaels has made it her mission to normalize body hair. The singer and songwriter arrived at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in a gorgeous black strapless gown, a classic old Hollywood glam-inspired makeup look, and unshaved armpits that she proudly showed off by giving photographers on the red carpet a big thumbs up.

In May of 2020, Michaels announced she going to embrace the natural look with a tweet that read “Honestly, I’m not shaving my armpits ever again. I don’t know why I ever did before. Social norms can eat an eggplant.” Then in October of 2020, Michaels had visible body hair in the music video for her single “Lie Like This.”

What you choose to do with your body hair is always personal choice, but women are often met with criticism for making the decision not to shave their armpits, legs, and other areas. Because of this, celebrities like Halsey, Marsai Martain, Willow Smith, and many more are championing acceptance.

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