Vinny Guadagnino Shares Before & After Pics After ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Loses 50lbs On Keto Diet

Vinny Guadagnino’s 50 Lb. weight loss is a must-see! The ‘Jersey Shore’ star revealed exactly how he changed his diet and what he consumed to get his 6-pack in new before and after photos!

Vinny Guadagnino is chiseled and 50 pounds lighter! The Jersey Shore star shared a side-by-side photo of his incredible weight loss, and explained the lifestyle change he made to drop the extra pounds. In the below post, the photo on the left is Vinny around age 25, and the right photo is him today at age 31.

“Sluggish and unhealthy,” he wrote of the left photo in the post’s caption. As for what he ate to make him feel that way, Vinny explained, “Lots of bread, pasta, sugar, fried food, vegetable oil, alcohol, very little fat.” And, he admitted that he had only worked out “once and a while,” and didn’t “really have a healthy way of eating to give motivation and foundation for a healthy way of life.” — That is, until he discovered the Keto Diet.

At age 31, Vinny now eats “almost no sugar, pasta, or bread … eats REAL FOOD like natural fat, steak, butter, eggs, bacon, fatty cheese and shellfish,” he wrote in the caption in reference to his second photo. Meaning, he stripped breaded and fried foods out of his diet. Now, he consumes “lots of veggies,” and as a result of his new diet, Vinny admitted he “has energy and motivation to workout everyday because the way of eating helps me always have a lean and solid foundation and motivates me to workout, intermittent fast, and build on that foundation.”

(Photo credit: Instagram/Vinny Guadagnino/KetoGuido)

Vinny shared the photos to inform his followers that they too can have his results if they follow his new The Keto Guido Cookbook.  “The first part of #TheKetoGuidoCookBook is how I went from left to right,” his caption also read. “The second part are 100 of my favorite #keto recipes and stories about them. If you’re in a similar position, I want to share it with you and watch you transform.”

Vinny has been hard at work on his weight loss transformation since 2016. As of March 2018, the reality star had already dropped 50 pounds. “I’ve discovered the fountain of youth. When I ate sugars and grains I was 50 lbs. heavier and looked 10 years older,” Vinny wrote on Instagram at the time. He hasn’t yet revealed if he’s lost even more weight since then.

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