Watch Kate Beckinsale Crush a Series of Overhead Squats

Doing squats the right way can be tricky. But apparently Kate Beckinsale’s trainer seems to have a trick for helping his clients keep good form, and it’s… interesting.

Beckinsale shared a video on Instagram Friday of herself doing squats at the gym. At first, it looks like your standard gym video until you take a closer look—and read the caption. “What sets @gunnarfitness apart from other trainers is not just the fact he’ll suddenly install a loo under the squat rack to entertain himself but it is a portion of it,” Kate wrote.

In the video, you can see her doing barbell overhead squats while touching her butt to an actual toilet, which gives a whole new meaning to a squat exercise.

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By the way, the @gunnarfitness she tagged is Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity trainer who has worked with Khloe Kardashian, Chris Hemsworth, Amber Heard, J.Lo, and many, many others.

Beckinsale recently told Delish that she regularly does circuit training, cardio, and lots of ab workouts to stay fit. She also looks at exercising as “nature’s antidepressant.” Beckinsale also even makes time for yoga between all those sweat sessions.

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But a big part of her fitness is probably the fact that she’s super dedicated to working out. Peterson told Us Weekly last year that Beckinsale always goes all in at the gym. “Kate is a six-day-a-week person,” he said. “She’s definitely up there among my hardest workers. I mean every single day is push, push, push.”

As for her toilet squat? They’re definitely unconventional, but hey, whatever works.

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