You Can Thank This Woman For Your Favorite Hairbrush

There are three things I always, always keep in my day bag: a lip balm, a pack of gum, and this Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle Brush — a beauty tool I’ve become addicted to. A luxe hairbrush seems like an indulgent splurge, but it’s really a necessity. After a barre or Spin class, I rely on it to smooth my strands into a sleek bun for running post-workout errands. It instantly fixes flyaways on a windy day or my sweaty cowlick on a humid one, and it feels like an amazing scalp massage when I use it.

It was actually a woman, Lyda Newman, whom we can thank for making this trusty tool readily available. We’re not sure who invented the original brush or comb, but we know Newman put the first patent on it in 1898.

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