2019 Oscars: The Most Memorable Moments & Biggest Blunders

Well, for better or worse, the 2019 Academy Awards are in the books, and it’s time for the annual post mortem.

The problem with an underdog coming out of nowhere to snatch the top prize at the end of the night is that it makes it difficult to remember all the smaller twists and turns that came before it.

Yes, Green Book won best picture, which shouldn’t have been too shocking, considering its dominance at the Golden Globes, but many assumed the Academy would be — for lack of a better word — smarter than that.

After all, if the Oscars wanted to award a racially-charged social drama, they had better options at their disposal — options that, importantly, represented minority voices.

Many are upset today by Green Book‘s big win — “Negro Motorist Green Book” is trending today as a reminder of the pain behind the film’s true story — but we’re here to focus on the memorable moments that came before Julia Roberts’ shocking reveal.

The hostless evening kicked off with a performance by Queen with Adam Lambert filling in for Freddie Mercury (and, by extension Rami Malek).

From there, the night started out on a triumphant note for both Regina King — who won best supporting actress for If Beale Streer Could Talk — and Chris Evans, who won hearts when he helped King on stage.

For many, the moment recalled a similar instance in which Evans lent a supportive arm to the great Betty White.

Petition to always seat Captain America by the stage so he can provide his services to women in high heels and long dresses!

Melissa McCarthy may not have won best actress for her brilliant performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? but she did win Oscar night when she and Atlanta‘s Brian Tyree Henry took the stage to present the award for costume design.

McCarthy’s nod to The Favourite made for the night’s most memorable presentation.

Sadly, that’s not much of an achievement, as the consensus on Twitter was that the evening was dull as dishwater, in spite of its brisk pace.

It was a big night for “finally!” as both Marvel Studios (Ruth E. Carter’s costume design prize for Black Panther) and Spike Lee (the adapted screenplay award for BlacKkKlansman) finally took home Oscar gold.

Glenn Close was awarded no such payoff, however, as the Academy’s most-nominated winless actress continued her streak when Olivia Colman took home best actress for her role in The Favourite.

Rami Malek proved that sometimes you can let the prosthetics do the acting for you with his win for Bohemian Rhapsody.

And Alfonso Cuaron seemed to win just about every other award, only to see his film, Roma, strikeout in the best picture category.

Elsewhere in the evening, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited, as did Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper — though we regret to report that Cooper seemed to have left his voice on the set of A Star Is Born.

Hey, sometimes you have to liven up a dull evening with some hot takes — and it gets no duller than the 2019 Academy Awards! 

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