5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford Apologies for Resurfaced Homophobic & Sexist Tweets

Michael Clifford is apologizing for his past tweets.

A Twitter user recently took a deep dive into the 24-year-old 5 Seconds of Summer musician’s Twitter, finding tweets from 2012 where he allegedly used sexist, anti-gay, and offensive language.

On Saturday night (June 13), Michael issued an apologizing, saying that he is a “different person now.”

“hi. I am so f–king sorry for all the dumb s–t I did when I was younger,” Michael tweeted. “I am a different person now with a much better understanding of the world. Some people have access to a digital megaphone a bit earlier than they should, unfortunately, I was one of them.”

Michael sent a second tweet, writing, “I am so sorry for hurting anyone. It was never my intention. I was so naive and I am embarrassed and beyond sorry. I will continue to be better and I will continue to change. I never want to hurt anyone again.”

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