A New CNN Series Investigates Possible Foul Play In James Brown's Death

Though he’s been gone for almost 13 years, I remember when James Brown died because details surrounding his death always seemed sketchy as hell. There were all of these questions about exactly what happened and I believe his widow was this lady with red hair that screamed on television when she discovered she was locked out of his estate. Back then all of these antics were seen as a bit extreme, but by 2019 standards it’s pretty PG. Now there are new developments surrounding James Brown’s death in a new series on CNN that is filled to the brim with endless insanity.

This story is crazier than James Brown’s hair in the 80s, just all over the place and wild as fuck. The series, exclusive to CNN’s website titled Lost in the Woods with James Brown’s Ghost, breaks down a lot of conspiracy theories about what happened on the day he died, many believing he was the victim of foul play.  Apparently, right after he passed, the doctor who signed his death certificate, Marvin Crawford, requested an autopsy, to which his daughter Yamma Brown declined. That never sat quite right with Dr. Crawford.

Jacque also says she befriended James Brown’s last girlfriend/hairdresser Candice Hurst who told a story about how she and James’ manager Charles Bobbit killed him.

“Hurst was standing with Charles Bobbit in Brown’s hospital room. She was giving Brown some drugs, and the drugs were spilling on the floor and on her shoes, and Brown wasn’t dying quickly enough. And so Bobbit poured some herbs into a glass of water. He gave Brown the water. Brown drank the water, and then he died.”

Candice denied to CNN that she ever said that to Jacque and also denied killing James Brown.

This entire story is worth a read if you have time because it’s long as hell (three parts to be exact). However, it does provide insight into the seedy world of James Brown. And below is Jacque getting a polygraph test from a former FBI agent in 1995. She passed. When Netflix eventually turns this sad, messy story into a series, I say Beverly D’Angelo for Jacque.

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