Alec Baldwin Says He Was Afraid Trump Supporters Would Kill Him After Rust Shooting

Alec Baldwin says Donald Trump incited his January 6th mob to murder him … by falsely claiming the actor intentionally fired the shot that killed the cinematographer on the “Rust” set.

Baldwin told CNN Trump’s comment — that “He [Baldwin] probably shot her [Halyna Hutchins] on purpose” was itself a trigger for his mob to put a target on his head.

As Baldwin put it, “Here was Trump who instructed people to commit acts of violence and he was pointing the finger at me and saying I was responsible for the death.”

Baldwin had lots to say … CNN says the interview lasted 2 hours, although only a small portion has been aired. He reportedly said the stress from the shooting has “taken years off my life,” adding, “If I didn’t have my wife, I don’t know where I would be right now … If I didn’t have her, I probably would have quit, retired, gone off, you know sold everything I owned, got a house in the middle of nowhere and just you know did find something else to do, sell real estate.”

Baldwin also says he hired a P.I. and got recon that he almost certainly would not be prosecuted, nor does he think anyone else will be as well. He does, however, lay the blame squarely at the feet of Chief Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and Assistant Director Dave Halls, for allowing him to handle a gun with live ammo. Baldwin didn’t know the gun was loaded with a live round and says it was their responsibility to check it.

Halls’ lawyer says Baldwin is trying to deflect blame, saying “Baldwin is point the finger at others because the evidence is point at him.”

As we reported, Baldwin has maintained he didn’t pull the trigger, but the FBI reportedly begs to differ, saying the gun couldn’t discharge a bullet without pulling the trigger.

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