Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’ Script: Closely Guarded Until Now – Read It In Full

EXCLUSIVE: Famously, when writer-director Alfonso Cuarón set out to shoot Roma—his singular black-and-white period piece, examining memories from his childhood in Mexico City—he kept his script close to the vest. During production, his actors, many of them non-professional, were asked to focus only on the moment at hand, rendering the truth in that. Behind the scenes, it was only the rare collaborator, like production designer Eugenio Caballero, who was allowed to read the full document for himself. But today, in a Deadline exclusive, the auteur unveils his script for all to see.

Winning the Golden Lion in its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Roma has been a critical favorite and leader in the awards conversation all the way through the season. The winner of Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematographer (also Cuarón), via the New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the film most recently took three Golden Globe nominations, for Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language. And now, Cuarón is setting his sights on the Oscars, where his intimate and epic drama is expected to factor across the board. For a deeper understanding of this Netflix original, and the way in which the Mexican filmmaker took his vision from script to screen, take a look below.

For the Spanish-language version of Cuarón’s script, read on.

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