Amanda Abbington confirms major Strictly news about dance partner

Strictly: Amanda Abbington ‘over the moon’ with her partner

Amanda Abbington has revealed she’s “over the moon” with the partner who has been chosen for her as she gears up for her exhilarating Strictly debut.

The bubbly 49-year-old star declined to say who she’s been paired with for the competition, and has only teased that she’s “thrilled” with her dancefloor partner.

“I think we all know our dance partners now, we’re all thrilled!” she enthused to her 95,700 followers.

“I’m over the moon with mine – I can’t tell you how happy I am and I can’t wait for you to all see who we’re with because I think you’ll love it and go: ‘Ah yeah that makes sense!'” she exclaimed.

Amanda added that she’d been dancing with them the past two days and that their social chemistry had soared, promising: “We get on really well!”

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The star also gave a candid insight into life in rehearsals, admitting she’d donned her “torture shoes” for practise, before giving them and slipping back into trainers – but not before she’d incurred a painful set of blood blisters.

Cradling her dachshund pup Darcy in her arms and cooing: “You don’t like [my shoes] either, do you?”, only for the dog to hilariously yawn right on cue, leading her to joke that he was “bored” with them.

Joking that the moment when her blisters burst was her “favourite part of the day”, she explained she was planning to stock up on blister pads and antiseptic products from Boots “so they don’t get infected”.

“This is so sexy – this is like the sexiest conversation I’ve ever had on social media!” she joked.

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She also spoke of the “revelation” she’d had on her first day of rehearsals after the actress learned she had apparently been wearing the incorrect bra size all her life.

Despite insisting her breasts were “tiny” and “practically inverted”, she discovered her ideal size was not the 34B she’d always bought, but actually 32DD.

“I’ve always guessed my bra size since I was about 17 – I was quite a late developer – and I’ve always been a 34B,” she explained.

“I’ve always gone through life feeling slightly uncomfortable but thinking that’s just something that women have to do, wear uncomfortable bras until you burn them!

“[However] today we had professional bra fitters in and they didn’t even measure me. They just guessed from photos. They gave me this bra and I put it on and it was like wearing a rabbit – so fluffy and comfortable!”

She added: “It felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra, so I asked what the size was and they said 32DD which makes no sense because they’re tiny – virtually inverted.”

The bemused actress added: “I’ve gone through my entire life wearing the wrong bra size!”

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