Angela Bassett Visibly Heartbroken After Jamie Lee Curtis Won Oscar

Angela Bassett was crestfallen when she lost “Best Supporting Actress,” and it showed.

Angela’s face said it all when she lost to Jamie Lee Curtis for her role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Her hands told a story as well … never coming together to celebrate Curtis’s win, unlike the other nominees who lost out.

The “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star was understandably disappointed, but her reaction makes you think she thought it was a good bet she’d take home the statue.

Some folks on social quickly called Angela a sore loser … others felt her pain and called it another Oscar snub.

Among the comments …  “Angela Bassett is allowed to be visibly disappointed that she didn’t win the Oscar”. Another wrote, “I actually appreciate that Angela didn’t put on a face for the sake of being a ‘good sport.

As for Jamie Lee … she was beyond excited and thanked hundreds of folks who made her win possible. Yes, it was a long night.

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