Apologetic Eve Clarifies Why She Was Harsh on Chris Brown’s Rape Allegations

AceShowbiz -Rapper Eve has apologised for the “harsh” comments she made after Chris Brown was accused of rape earlier this week (begin January 21).

The 40-year-old star weighed in on the controversy after Chris was arrested when a female model accused him of raping her in Paris, France. On her chat show “The Talk“, Eve said: “It’s really a shame. I mean, obviously we know he’s had trouble in the past, and it’s like, when are you going to stop and grow up and allow the talent to shine through and fix your brain?”

“This is ridiculous. I’d like to hope that these allegations aren’t true, obviously, we don’t know. But at the end of the day, times have changed. If you guys don’t know that yet, whether in America or overseas, get your act together.”

She was slammed by many people on Twitter for being too judgemental, and backtracked somewhat in a video shared on her Instagram page on Thursday.

“At first I didn’t think what I said was harsh, but then I looked back it and it was kind of harsh,” she said in the clip. “It was only harsh because I’m passionate about the climate that we’re in right now with women and all these allegations coming out. My passion wasn’t geared towards Chris Brown and these specific allegation.

“Like I said before, I didn’t know if those allegations were true or false, and they are not true and he has been released. And in that way, I just want everybody to know that I am rooting for him. I’m hoping that none of these things are true, but we have to talk about this kind of stuff.”

She concluded: “I have to have an opinion. I am a woman. I’ve been through some things and I just want to keep the conversation going. So whoever was offended, I apologise.”


After being released without charge following his arrest, Chris filed a defamation suit against his accuser. However, the woman’s lawyer Frank Serfati told the Associated Press that she had been under “great psychological pressure” to have sex with the music star. He said that while she was “not pressured physically” into having sex with Chris, “non-consensual sex” and “forced sexual relations” took place. Chris has strenuously denied the allegations.

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