Arnold Schwarzenegger brands Boris Johnson the ‘real deal’ despite past war of words

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Boris Johnson is 'real deal'

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Boris Johnson, 56, has been praised by Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, for his Cop26 involvement. The former Governor of California called the UK Prime Minister the “real deal” despite Johnson’s previous comments about the actor.

The Terminator actor also praised his “Boris bikes” scheme, which he brought in when he was the Mayor of London.

He said: “The reason why I mentioned Boris is because your Prime Minister is, unlike some of the other countries that are host countries of this event, of a Cop event, he is the real deal.

“And I remember when he was Mayor of London, and he started the Boris bikes.”

Schwarzenegger then added in an interview with Cop26 President Alok Sharma how he was brought in to help publicise these.

He added: “He had me come over to his office, and we rode around on the Boris bikes, you know, to make them popular, and had the press show up and all this stuff and now in the meantime, those Boris bikes are in every city in the world.

“So it just shows to you how someone’s idea can really spread worldwide.

“And you know, they have it in Vienna, they have it in Paris, they have it in South Africa, everywhere they have it in Japan, in South Korea I rode the Boris bike.

“I mean, they are all over the world.”

He continued: “He is really the real deal and he really believes in it and that’s what I love about him.

“I think that’s why your conference is going to be successful, because with his backing, and with your knowledge and your passion and all that stuff, I think it’s going to be great.”

Despite his praise, before they collaborated in 2011 on the Boris bikes scheme, there were some tense words exchanged.

This began after Schwarzenegger was overheard on the microphone describing Johnson’s 2007 Conservative conference address as “fumbling”.

He was heard saying: “He is fumbling all over the place.”

The Prime Minister later addressed this in 2008, calling it a “low moment”.

Johnson said: “Thank you very much for that welcome.

“Much more generous than in 2006 when I was physically pelted with pork pies by the press corps or last year when my speaking style was criticised by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“And it was a low moment, my friends, to have my speaking style denounced by a monosyllabic Austrian cyborg.

“But I can say now to Arnie that in spite of all his doubts and though there was a great deal of suspense until the final reel, Ken Livingstone was terminated.”

Cop26 is planned to happen later this year after being postponed.

Currently, the conference is scheduled for November in Glasgow.

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