Ashley James strips completely NAKED as she makes a dig at ’loser’ exes

Ashley James sent temperatures soaring after she shared a racy naked picture earlier today.

The former Made In Chelsea star gave an impassioned speech on why she chooses to stay single – and used her naked body to help hammer home that she is ‘completely comfortable’ with herself.

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Sharing the naughty image on Instagram, Ashley posed completely starkers in a sauna with just a towel wrapped around her head.

A strategically placed arm and leg helped protect her modesty as she raised a glass of champagne and pouted her lips for the camera.

Sharing a very lengthy caption alongside the image of her naked body, Ashley explained that she’s sick of being constantly asked: ‘Why are you still single?’

She said: ‘The more I talk about relationships and my single status the more people message me asking how and why I’m still single.

‘I know this is meant to be a compliment, but it’s also part of the problem with society… being single shouldn’t be viewed as some badge of failure. We shouldn’t feel the need to ‘settle’ or feel there’s something wrong with us if we’re not with someone.’

‘I am now completely comfortable with myself (strengths and acknowledging and working on my flaws), and I feel so complete… Perhaps if it wasn’t for the pressure to be in a relationship and allowing my standards to be compromised I wouldn’t have been with half the losers I entertained.’

She added: ‘So why am I single? Because I don’t need someone to complete me, there’s absolutely no hurry, and I’m waiting for my soulmate – the person who is going to enhance my life and personality in every single way (and vice versa). ❤️

‘Wanted to post this for anyone who feels like there’s pressure. You’re single not because there’s something wrong with you, but because it’s how it’s meant to be and because you’re growing into the best version of yourself.’

Many fans agreed with Ashley’s sentiment, with one commenting: ‘This post has genuinely been one of the best I’ve seem today, really needed to see this.’

Another added: ‘Amen to that Ashley ..single life rocks ..’

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