Bachelor In Paradise's Ashley Iaconetti Explains Her Choice To Not Breastfeed Son Dawson

Let’s make some noise for new mommas making the right choices for their bodies!

If you’re a momma yourself (or you just follow our coverage of celeb mommas), you know that breast feeding can be a very complicated and emotional situation. There are a lot of valid reasons on both sides to choose to breastfeed or not, and of course, it should always come down to what feels right and healthy for the person breastfeeding. Sadly, there’s often a lot of shame and stigma attached to every aspect of breastfeeding (whether you choose to do it or not!)

New momma Ashley Iaconetti did her part to dispel the stigma by explaining to followers exactly why she chose not to breastfeed her son Dawson (whom she shares with hubby and Bachelor in Paradise co-star Jared Haibon). Accompanied by a snap of herself bottle feeding the adorable infant, she wrote on Instagram:

“I’m not breastfeeding. I know myself well enough to know that I’m a better mom and therefore Dawson is a happier baby because of this decision. I had a gut feeling during my pregnancy that this would be best for us.”

Hell yes!

She continued her explanation:

“I knew that my body needed to be only mine again after a rough pregnancy. My body needed a break. It didn’t need to learn to do something new again. Growing a human was enough for this year. It was awesome how pretty much instantly after birth I felt ‘normal’ again. This is a feeling I feared I’d never feel again. Chugging water for the first time in nine months was so satisfying!! I didn’t want my body to have to struggle again if breastfeeding didn’t come easy, which it so often doesn’t. I knew the frustration that could come with that challenge wasn’t going to be good for my soul. Dawson deserves the best version of me.”

The reality star went on:

“In addition, I knew that formula feeding would allow for less middle of the night sleep interruptions and that getting as much sleep as I could would help with my mental health in the delicate postpartum period. I knew that quality sleep and Jared being able to share feeding duties would lead to increased patience, alertness, calmness, and energy for me. And it truly has. I’m fortunate to say that over the past 7 weeks there have only been a few days I’ve felt tired. It’s made this huge life transition easy to adjust to.”

That all sounds like pretty good reasoning to us. And we’re glad to know that it’s working out so well for their family!

The 34-year-old concluded:

“I’m lucky that this decision was so well supported by my inner circle. Jared and I were both formula fed from the start and we know plenty of other healthy adults and babies who were formula fed. Happy to report, Dawson has 100% of the time been excited to slurp down a bottle. I think breastfeeding is beautiful and I’m in awe of the women who choose to do it. I just know the choice I made was right for our family.”

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Well, this explanation was straightforward, logical, and best of all, sounds like it worked perfectly for Ashley and her particular needs. Other moms and other babies will have different needs, and that’s great too! We appreciate Ashley contributing her story as one of the many various and beautiful ways new motherhood can look.

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