‘Bachelorette’ Star Chad Johnson DENIES Dating Current ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Caitlin C

Chad Johnson is setting the record straight on some piping hot tea!

The reality TV villain was recently linked to one of current Bachelor Colton Underwood‘s already-cut contestants Caitlin Clemmens, with multiple outlets reporting that the two are currently seeing each other.

But “Evil Chad” says not so fast, guys!

The Bachelorette alum told his side of the story on his weekly podcast called Bachelor Chad on AfterBuzz TV, saying that the dating rumor got its legs from a casual conversation he had at a party:

“…What happened was I went to New York and we were doing the Ex on The Beach Reunion, so I was doing a club appearance, and you know, I’m sitting there, I hadn’t drank in two months, and I had a couple little drinks, so I was like huh, okay. And um, all a sudden it came up, and I was just like ‘yea, you know, I been talking to this girl for a couple months, it’d be nice to see where it goes!’ you know what I mean?”

Hmm, sounds like a pretty innocent comment to us.

Johnson says that he did not insinuate anything past just “talking” to Caitlin, nor did he expect this much drama to unfold either. He continues:

“…Now it’s just like they insinuated like that I was saying we were dating, and it’s like nah, I just- I said that we’re talking. I’m even getting like girls from The Bachelor, now they’re messaging me like ‘why would you do this to her’ like ‘why are you putting her in this drama?’ and I’m like man, all I said was that I’d been talking to the girl and like I liked her. It’s not like I was out there like, trying to like destroy her reputation or even bring her name out there, like I was just like ‘yo I been talking to this girl, it’s kinda crazy.’ So now it became this whole huge thing.”

Ugh, sounds messy! The ABC star adds:

“…So now we’re doing those subtweeting things where it’s like, uh yea fake news, and I’m like okay. I’m like: now I look like a lying idiot, like I’m not a lying idiot, I didn’t mean for it to blow up like that, I was merely just like making a comment, that like yea, I been talking to her. You know? I never said we were dating, I never said we were going to get married. All I did was like say I’m talking to this girl, I’m interested in this girl.”

Yikes, it sounds like things really spiraled quickly there.

And as for Cait’s feelings? According to Chad, the reality TV starlet is definitely not happy about their non-relationship becoming front page news:

“Oh yea, she’s so pissed.”

Perezcious readers, what do YOU guys think? Should these two Bachelor Nation alums put the drama aside and give things a try? Or is this budding romance over before it ever started?

Watch Chad explain all (below) AND be sure to sound off in the comments!

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