Bad Zach Shares Photos Of His Bruised Face & Tana Mongeau Accuses Bryce Hall Of Assaulting Him

Fans were sent into a frenzy when YouTube star, Bad Zach, shared a photo of his face completely bruised on Dec. 18 — especially after his friend, Tana Mongeau, accused Bryce Hall of being the one to do the damage!

Bad Zach took to social media on the evening of Dec. 18 and revealed a photo of himself with a black eye and busted up lip, which he captioned, “I’ma be real with you, I can’t feel my face.’ Fans were immediately concerned about how he obtained this horrific injury, and eventually, one Twitter user wrote, “From a very reliable source, now brings everybody to the question: Bryce hall, why did you do this to your FRIEND?” At this point, it was still speculation, but social media star, Tana Mongeau, eventually weighed in and accused Bryce of assaulting Zach, too.

“Oh s*** people know now,” she tweeted. “So uh F*** YOU BRYCE HALL who does this to the kindest person on this planet.” When people questioned whether or not her info was legit, she insisted, “Oh no it was Bryce! I know for a fact.” Zach didn’t name names, but he eventually added on Twitter, “I literally didn’t fight back at all. I wasn’t gonna fight my so called “friend” over a female. I remember being pushed into the bathtub and i sat there defenseless af with my hands covering myself while he repeatedly hit me 30 times then ended it with a head lock. Again, I’m not going to explain my side of the story or anything cause I wanted to keep all that offline. I never even said it was him to begin with.” 

Bryce’s page was immediately filled with hate tweets, and he defended himself against the accusations…although he didn’t deny being part of a fight. “There’s always 2 sides to every story and obviously when one of the stories is a dude with a messed up face you immediately go on to his side,” Bryce wrote. “I talked to Zach and everyone in the house already and we agreed we weren’t gonna post anything on social media because both of us were in the wrong but I guess that’s not a thing anymore. Honestly, the whole story is a lot to type so I’m just gonna talk about it. Believe me or not, but it’s worth a shot.”

Tana was not happy with Bryce’s explanation and fired back, “I don’t understand how you have the right to say ‘everyone agreed not to talk about it’ like that makes anything better like you didn’t assault one of your best friends BRUTALLY over NOTHING while he laid there and didn’t fight back.”

It appears that Tana was at the scene when this alleged fight went down, and she shared some gory details about what she claims she saw. “[Zach]’s face is legitimately mutilated,” she tweeted. “I watched him spit up blood.” She also claimed to know the reason behind the alleged fight, adding, “Bryce cheated on who girls I know in the past month and Zach knew so that’s why he assaulted him! lol bye! I could expose a whole lot about u Bryce but ur already a psychopath who assaults innocent ppl so I’ll go.”

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