Becky G’s Birthday Message For Naomi Scott Will Give You All The Feels!

Naomi Scott just turned 26th this week and we’re positive that her former co-star Becky G had the best birthday wishes for her.

If you remember, Naomi and Becky starred in the Power Rangers movie together as the Yellow and Pink Rangers, Kimberly and Trini.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Becky shared her best memories of Naomi.

“We’ve always made a great team, in front of and behind the camera,” she wrote. “I knew I could always count on you for anything. You’re the truest example of a good human being.”

Becky added, “I never had a real gal pal or a big sister figure close to my age in the entirety of my career till I met you. You’ve taught me so much! You mean so much to not only me but everyone who truly knows you , Nay!”

So sweet!

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